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About Graciela Ontiveros

Graciela Ontiveros

Born in Laredo, TX, to Catholic parents, founder Graciela Ontiveros was introduced to the Lord at an early age. He had a plan for her life. As a child, she attended a Catholic school in Mathis. One day while riding the bus, she passed a Christian school. The children she saw seemed so happy, which made her want to attend the school. Later, she told her parents that she wanted to transfer there. After some concern, her parents were touched by the Lord. He led them to move to a house that was located right in front of the Christian school.

Graciela befriended her next-door neighbor, Ruth, who was a Mennonite. She invited Graciela to go to church with her, which she enjoyed. Her enthusiasm about going to Ruth's church inspired her parents to attend a service one day. Graciela's parents eventually accepted Jesus as their Lord and Savior. While she can no longer remember what Ruth looked like, Graciela does remember what she did for her and her parents. Graciela hopes to thank Ruth one day for allowing the Lord to use her to touch her life with a love of Jesus.

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As the years went by, Graciela's love for the Lord intensified. While living in Florida, she became very active at a local church, where she taught Sunday school, sang in the choir, served in the finance ministry, and along with others helped to a campus ministry. In the late 1990s, God spoke to her, which led her to become an unofficial deaconess. One day, her pastor acknowledged what she knew but hadn't told anyone: He told her she was a deacon.

In 2010, Graciela became an ordained deaconess. She also started writing — penning Christian songs, literature, and articles. She hopes her writings inspire believers and nonbelievers to live more spiritual lives and help people in need.